Darkest Era – Severance – Cruz Del Sur Music

Impressive and expressive heavy metal from Northern Ireland.

Belfast has new heroes to show to the world: Darkest Era: this quintet is the pure form of epic heavy metal with vocals of the great Krum which is a helluva singer.

Man this is for cultists of Manilla Road to Atlantean Kodex only (include in this list names like Suidakra, Christian Mistress and Grand Magus)

Bigger than life sound is what they present in the first and dramatic track called Sorrow’s Boundless Realm which dabbles with some death metal, but it is indeed a great trad heavy metal track! The vocals are melancholic nonetheless powerful. Mix this with the celtic vibe that they try to transmit and you have an appealing tune. It’s important to notice that since they carry this “celtic” style they DO NOT use traditional instruments: this is pure rock n roll, mate!

The Serpent And The Shadow is one of my two absolute faves and although the despondent initial sound, the song transforms itself into a pure Heavy Metal attack and the chorus is simply orgasmic! Grandiosity and epicness über alles.

The sadness of Beyond The Grey Veil is perfect to hear in a cold and sad day!!!! Okay this is my other fave! Over again the over the top vocals take over everything else, I mean, they are great musicians, but what the heck is this voice man??? Breathtaking and emotional, this is a masterpiece!

The Scavanger has a striking chorus but this song is more upbeat than the others…

If there is something negative is that they insist in putting some “extreme” sound on the track Trapped in the Hourglass which is deviant from the other numbers of the album, and I think they should stay just in the heavy metal mode which is perfect.

This album Severance is tragic and electrifying, powerful music for metal buffs and old-liners!!!! Get your copy!

Severance  is out now on Cruz Del Sur Music.

(Daniel Death)

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