On Top – Top to Bottom – HPGD Productions

On Top, Over the Top!

Top To Bottom, the new Ep by On Top is pure hard heavy attack, and it’s a delicious four-track opus, moving and marvelous!

Opener, No Shame is pure heavy metal with 1980’s vocals with shaggy solos and syncopated drumming along with “anthemic” choruses.

Second track Cold and Blue continues the binge of pure hard and heavy fiesta and over again the vocals transport the listener to the glorious days of yore with their Mötley Crüe ways of deliver their sound!!!

Don’t Go follows suit and with swinging guitars and rhythm it takes over! The guitars of Brian Davis keep on frying on the backdrop while Jaron Gulino keeps singing and great drummer Danny Piselli grinds his kit.

Bad Love is the best number with a sticky riff and more hard oriented sound, but never ever forgetting their Heavy Metal way of playing!!! Superb song!

Top to Bottom is a superlative release of guys who seems to play only for pleasure, but that’s the deal nowadays when all music seems to be plastic: they do organic real rock n roll! Indicated for: EVERYONE!!!!

 Top to Bottom is out now on HPGD Productions.

(Daniel Death)

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