Loudblast – Burial Ground – Listenable Records

A new classic from a classic band…

Loudblast is the French institution of extreme metal. I know that since a friend of mine got the split album with Agressor “License to Thrash”… Since then the band has evolved from another good thrash metal band to a great death/thrash band with melodic hints… A use to say that if Netherlands has Pestilence as their forefathers, France has Loudblast!

A Bloody Oath, the opener shows extreme dexterity and complex compositions showcasing constant changing of tempos and right dosage of aggressiveness. This is highly technical, yet it contains a organic sound (without the overdone gimmicks of a super polished production), and this is what separates Loudblast from other bands: although they are an old band, their relevance is undisputed, and they are here to teach the new guys how a good thrash/death is done… Fucking ace!

Darkness Will Abide is even more destructive, and I, as an old headbanger, have goosebumps when I hear this one. It throws me back in the day with its plenty of good and high pitched soloing, and abrupt changes of phrases with lots of information… Well, it’s sufficed to say that “technical” started somewhere in the past (and no it wasn’t the great Suffocation who invented it)…

Soothing Torments is another great thrash metal number (or death metal, depending the angle you are), with great vocals, and a drumming which resounds as a chopper!!! Eventually the tempos change…

By the end of CD, mainly in the track The Void, the album seems to get another path, a melodic death metal one, and albeit this track is not bad, it sounds kinda anticlimactic given the nature and the gestalt of the whole opus, but for an acute ear, Burial Ground as a whole is a win-win situation.

Loudblast proves over again that their (sometimes underrated) importance is still active and they are the masters of their own game.

Burial Ground is out now on Listenable Records.

(Daniel Death)

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