Necuratul – Sanguine Lupus Graves – Forever Plagued

Blurred Black Metal from Columbus/ Ohio…

This demo tape is being released in cassette and it’s the epitome of the cult sound for die-hards of TRUE BLACK METAL elsewhere.

I don’t have plenty information about this supposedly one-man-band besides that it’s composed by Jake Kohn, the guy behind bands like Prosanctus Inferi, Black Funeral, and Father Befouled, hence the great quality of the music.

This demo has 5 tracks clocking in at 22 minutes of pure satanic music!

The first song brings a somewhat sad black metal, nonetheless with rapid parts and a sinister keyboard on the background, showcasing the ability to sound haunted like no one else. The sound is “blurred” on the final cut, giving it a gritty sensation and turning the tracks rustic.

Other fave is Pale Eyes Of The Hunger with its primitive form of destructive sound with midtempo nuances and a satanic vocal! Riffs evoke the heyday of black metal with the heaviness of death metal!

Last song Softly With Hatred is another sample of how true music must be done: traditional, but not claiming to be “old-school” as everyone else, this tune brings the darkness of old to the fold but with new ideas (hark!!! Not so new that it sounds modern, screw it!!!)

Sanguine Lupus Graves is an underrated work that has to figure out in every true headbanger collection!!! Soon it will become a rarity, be sure of that!

Sanguine Lupus Graves is out now Forever Plagued.

(Daniel Death)

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