Cold Colours – MMXIV – Self-released

Subpar production for a good band.

I could be complacent with this release but when you discover that Cold Colours (the American band from Minneapolis) is active since 1999 and they haven’t learned how to play an album properly, you want to simply ignore them.

So let’s not treat this piece of information as a review but as an open letter to the guys of the band:

The songs of Cold Colours are really good, for example the first track Heathen has plenty of ambitious passages in conformity to their European counterparts of doom metal persuasion. But really where’s the mastering? (Dan Swano did it, but somewhat the production hindered him to make his work properly). This sounds like a demo and if they were mere newcomers I’d understand, but what I cannot understand are the mistakes in the production (made by Zachary Letourneau, the guy who plays guitar in the band These Worlds Collide), like the lack of heaviness and the bad drum fills (totally out of tempo). According to the site Metal Archives this is their TENTH release, so seriously…

From This Pain follows the same logic of the first track; good ideas lost in a trail of despondency: not the artistic despondency which would be excellent in their style but a somewhat laziness in execution and production.

Last track Terminal Winter wears out their welcome and thanks fuck this MCD has only 3 tracks.

Okay, it’s easy to do a smear campaign against a band that you simply dislike for laziness as well (and Satan knows how many reviews I have to write), but their riffs are good, the idea are good, the songs are good, the compositions are good, the guitarist is good… all lost in the cheap production… All I have to say to these guys is: PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS, BECAUSE THEY DO MAKE THE DIFFERENCE…

MMXIV is out now and it is Self Released.

(Daniel Death)

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Deus Ignotus – Procession of an Old Religion MCD – Forever Plagued

Greek Orthodox Black/Death Attack

Deus Ignotus presents us with a new EP which is the follow up to their 2012 debut Chrismation and boy this is really satanic and occult.

Procession of an Old Religion castigates the eardrums with waves of brutal devilish music for fans of Black Witchery and the likes clocking in at 16 minutes of pure destruction ritual.

After the spoken intro, the song Seven Tongue Encapturement showcases a black death massacre with over the top rifferama amidst noisy (and noisome) array of instrumentations, like the most brutal drumming in the back ground and the vocals ripping the eardrums flesh.

Putrid Empire pays tribute to the old gods of this infamous style like Blasphemy, and although the production is in consonance with what is done today, the feeling is REALLY oldschool and if one can point out the greatest merit of Deus Ignotus is the ability to do the old school stomp without sounding like a mere imitation or just another “war” band. Their cult is exclusive but always paying tribute to the gods of yore.

Blood Of The Apostles is pure unrest in musical form as if demons were trying to get away from the chasmal hell they have created. Arrrgghhh this number is really disgraceful and remembers me the works of Archgoat and Impiety.

Dogmatheist, the last track, has an intriguing opening riff, difficult to figure out at a first heed. Nonetheless, it is a degrading piece of noise black attack.

This MCD is a classic example that even when a style starts to become saturated (in 2014 everybody seems to be black death) there is a band that can show originality within the chaos. Great work of these Greek warriors!

Procession of an Old Religion is out now on Forever Plagued

(Daniel Death)

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Sacrocurse – Unholier Master – Hells Headbangers

Cancerous Warmetal

Unholier Master is the new mega brutal first class album of the “international” institution Sacrocurse and man, let me say, this is satanic war in form of musical decomposition.

International means that the band has members from Turkey and Mexico, and brother, these guys know how to manage the Armageddon.

Loud and proud, their ultrasatanic approach of disgraceful warmetal leaves me in awe every fucking time I listen to it. It’s ultrasonic metal of death.

For example, on the first track called Sepulchral Desolation which starts with what sounds to be an explosion, they show fastest drum work, impossible to headbang with, ultra guttural vocals a la Blasphemy and Morbosidad. The second track ups the ante and leaves no prisoners with their mega disgraceful solos and whiplashes for the most primitive headbangers of the truest satanic cult from beyond.

Command Demonic Prayers is another post-apocalyptic song while Rites Of Perverted Idolatry never loses momentum and Oath For Eternal Damnation keeps the flame of hateful black death warmetal alive!!!! Not a game for losers.

C.O.N.V.U.L.S.E. never stops to deliver the mega blast of guttural music but this one has some parts made differently with some breaks (not modern here, FUCK OFF), and their primeval music is really rustic and heartless.

Another great song is Sulphur Blessing that melts all systems surrounding you and kills people of atomic cancer and ebola with aids…. Hahahah this is fucking ignominious….

Unholier Master is the quintessential release and a obligatory item in every die hard collection, get your copy and watch the world explode…

Unholier Master is going to be released on August 19th on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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The Osiris Club – Blazing World – Indie Recordings

Drawing influences from the past to create the new…

The Osiris Club is a collective from UK with a bigger than life sound and musicality. They are really excellent in what they do and the songs they’ve penned are anthems but there are reasons behind that and let me explain you:

The group’s set to make some kind of modern sound alike (but hark: not that much!!!) bands like Dream Theater and Opeth. But the comparisons stop HERE! So are they the new MASTODON? No fucking way dude! So what are they up to?

The sound of The Osiris Club is influenced by a very specific myriad of past sounds being them: psychedelic 60’s rock; progressive rock; 70’s hard rock (ie Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, etc), 80’s post punk and (somehow) heavy metal and 90’s alternative rock…

Okay I know that it sounds like a strange and stodgy mix but they alchemically make it work perfectly. No flaws, just delights to the eardrums.

In another angle: they are not so heavy or complex that will send boys and girls away but also not so mellow that will drive out die hard fans of good music.

The riffs are beefy, the production is heavy, I wouldn’t call them alternative music, but a modern hard rock band with progressive (being metal or rock) influences.

The broken tempos of That’s not Like You with a complex songwriting but easy to get approach to listener (if that makes any sense to common sense) delivers a great and sticky tune.

The experimentations of Mystery Sells are what they best have to offer. They break here, change tempos there and the mysterious voice of Maximilian Filf borrowed from Gothic/Punk bands and (of course) Alice Cooper (mainly from his post Brutal Planet era) is so dynamic that it kills. Undoubtedly that’s more than meets the ear, but is up to you to discover.

The great vocal duty of The Bells is really impressive and go-getting. It’s such a great number!!!!

But the instrumental emotions emanated by the track Miles and Miles Away is brutally made to shatter our senses with delicate nuances of soundscape set to make one wonder what the actual heck is happening: subtle contrapuntal passages, with an all-active keyboard and broken phrases are simply second to none and I confess I love this track in particular. The complicated final session is orgasmatic to say at least!!!!

The Osiris Club have created a totally new entity, something that even may evolve to another style (I dare not to give a name to it). Impressing album, impressing band, I hope to hear much more of them in the near future….

Blazing World is out now on Indie Recordings.

(Daniel Death)

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