Mortualia – Blood of the Hermit – Moribund

Sublime real deal black metal.

Some people would dub it DSBM, I would call simply black metal, because Mortualia is a Finnish entity that has Shatraug (of Behexen, Horna and Sargeist fame) as a sole instrumentist and Blood of the Hermit, originally released in 2010 has 5 incarnations of pure hateful and dismal svart music from Northern Europe so we are not talking about another wannabe band, but a solid and well structured musical project.

All the tracks have the same characteristic: they are long odes to infinite darkness and evil with a muddy production that perfectly fits the mood of the album: which is moody!

First impersonation of evil is called Becoming Meaningless. Clocking in at 12 minutes this track brings iteration of phrases with sad and doddering light, despondent riffs, agonizing vocals unsophisticated drumming, nevertheless excellent music, outdoing the average of the bands of the same style showing inauspicious black metal with devil may care attitude.

Manic Euphoria follows, say, with the same gestalt but never losing its sorrowful verve, never being beautiful, but gloomy, with the guitars buzzing at one’s ears, causing a hypnotic catharsis to the faithful and unmanageable discomfort to those who seek for something over produced. In this case beauty is in between the lines, just for the old hand members of the coven.

The Sinister Shine starts differently, not relying on riffs, but with vocals right off the bat, the chore of dolefulness felt in earnest, all handed over to the inverted light of eternal fog… The thrums delivering dark sensations all the way.

Blood of the Hermit is another exemplification of the quasi-shapeless structure of cracking sounds of abhorrent clamors from the very crevasses of the unholy valley of boundless solitude.

Pain at Least…, the last track, is a somatic disharmony to the hearts of those who seek revenge and death, in a neverending quest for perpetual self-inflicted suffering in an enduring set of riffs and phrases and minimal changes of moods, from bad to worse.

Blood of the Hermit means extreme quality overall. That kind of sound which is lost somewhere in the sands of time, this is a trip to the unknown and you may never come back!

Blood of the Hermit  is out now on Moribund

(Daniel Death)

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CEMETERY LUST – Orgies of Abomination (CD, LP) – Hells Headbangers

Hell is paved with thrashy intentions…

The rape thrash of Cemetery Lust is back with horror thrash metal alcoholic assault with sadistic lyrics about bitches, booze and Satan…

Production-wise the album is very okay, it captures the filthy punkish atmosphere of these blackened thrash/death maniacs. They play as fast as they can (which is not the fastest thing around, but well… )

The music is good, but they somewhat miss something along the way: maybe the no-brainer guitar riffs which resembles a lot another thrash/crossover bands a la D.R.I. or the pseudo mosh parts that sure will appear in any other track.. So basically their modus operandi is: hardcore, then ultra fast parts, then hardcore, then mosh, then hardcore, then the end of the song… Their sound is totally ad hoc with no place for any innovation. But the problem isn’t that they ape the bands of yore, but they really do that in a semi automatic mode, like, this way sounds cool, let’s play it over and over again…

Well, if it’s not the ideal sound, by the middle to end of the CD the band starts to produce good numbers such as the chaotic Tenement or the concise attack of Devils Grave Disturbance and Intent To Molest.

Another good song is Cum On The Cross, perhaps the best in the whole album.

All in all Orgies of Abomination is exaggerated in the point that makes these guys sound like a comedy group, not the mega-satanic guys  from beyond, but of course they are better than the whole plastic metal scene out there, so, in order to not sit on the fence on that my vote is YAY rather than NAY. Get your copy, a hooker and tons of booze and have some fun…

Orgies of Abomination is out now on CD and LP on Hells Headbangers

(Daniel Death)

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Temple Desecration – Communion Perished MLP – Iron Bonehead

Grooming is not their style!

Communion Perished the new MLP of Temple Desecration brings to the fold ugly and unrelenting brutal death black metal so heavy it hurts!

There are two songs, called Ghoul Prayer and Apotheosis respectively but curiously they come together into one single track in the promo I’ve received.

After a brief intro that sounds like a Gollum, they go into full traction of brutal speedy death black satanic metal without concessions, just a steamroller of musical disgrace roadkilling those who dare to stay on their evil path with buzzing guitars just like a drill and ultra fast drumming viciously attacking the kit with maximum power violence!

Vocals are like monsters being castigated inside a foul cave by the demonic forces from beyond… a short interlude occurs with a keyboard then the strike from beyond is back again with full force leaving no prisoners on their game of death…

 Temple Desecration is the crème de la crème of brutal insensitive music and poseurs must keep due distance… Hail!

Communion Perished MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel Death)

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DRUKNROLL – Точка Кипения / Boiling Point – Metal Scrap

When bad is not bad enough.

When I got the word that Druknroll was going to release another album, my immediate thoughts were, “oh no Druknroll is back again”.  I thought that because I made a review about their first effort in another magazine…

But this time around, persistent as they are, they were not content and it seems that they have created an opvs (secretly laughing here) to impress the press with big words (and of course bad music). Reads their press release: “suddenly a big chandelier breaks away and falls at your head, breaking you with guitar riffs, tooth-crushing speed drums, bass mega parties, symphonic choral arrangements and vocals, ranging from clean to growling!” Oh my fuck, really? The first song is just another boring piece of “hey momma we are in a metal band”. The song has heavy parts but the chorus is pathetic!

These guys sure think they are the new Metallica or Iron Maiden or something near the saviors of the whole metal scene that is doomed to destruction, but now, thanks to Druknroll is secure and the world will live in sempiternal peace… reads the press release again “The whole album is penetrated by hellish mix of high-speed styles – symphonic, melodic, progressive, alternative, but there are a lot of ballads with a lot of acoustics (…) Quick Thrash Metal pieces organically interlace with the melodic choir choruses and there’s your brain explodes, you open your eyes and… theatre sees you out with last notes of a symphony orchestra”

Okay let me digest that one: hellish what? These guys are the most inoffensive garbage I’ve heard since their own last album… and when they say there are a lot of ballads, they try to justify how hellish they AREN’T with terrible, pathetic, horrible pseudo-metal/rock with “emotional” parts that would make me laugh if weren’t for my intrinsic hate for freshmen who like to use big words to impress an audience they don’t have.

As for the sympho parts they do claim they have (oh my fuck, be careful Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, Rhapsody and Dimmu Borgir, because Druknroll came to save the day) they are just some shy touches in the keyboard keys like a wah wah effect for keyboards (or maybe a covert keyboard thing in the background). Apart of that the tentative parts of anthemic choruses are what they call symphonic…

This album and this band are naïve and it’s really a chore to hear their whole CD… If you happen to like that, you have serious mental problems or you’re just a plain poseur!

Точка Кипения / Boiling Point is out now on Metal Scrap.

(Daniel Death)

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Hrizg – Individualism – Moribund

Spanish Black Metal: uncanny and arcane.

Spain’s black metal entity Hrizg is simply one of the most underrated bands at the moment. Formed by the guy of the same name (who also plays everything in bands such as Briargh, Deprive and Stormstone, under different aliases), Hrizg can be enticing and intense, dirty and difficult, drone and dumpy.

The buzzing guitars create an interesting and unrelenting atmosphere of brutal music made in the molds of USBM style.

The Darkness I Witness is old, ugly and reverberating, with its dissonant riffs splattering on the walls and causing a feedback along with an arcane keyboard amidst the billows of black metal noise.

No Life After Life is brutal and sad at the same time with dusty sounds from beyond the abyss. The sound is kinda dramatic staggering between ghastly drums fills and over the top riffs.

But the CD shows its full potential in tracks such as Night of the Wolf and When the Cryings are for the Weak with sticky stinky riffs from the black metal crypts… Focused and spooky, the guitar sounds are made for ringing into the minds of cultists of authentic black metal feast.

There’s even more to come, like the procession which is The Hall of Falseness and Impurity, the intricacy of With a Crown of Bitterness or the dark ambience of The Lament of God.

Individualism is a complete compendium of hideous black metal for die hards of Krieg, Judas Iscariot and Leviathan

Individualism is out now on Moribund.

(Daniel Death)

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Gnosis of the Witch – Dauðr Burðr Þrysvar 12″ MLP – Iron Bonehead

The intersection of two styles.

Some people would say that black metal is black metal. I beg to differ. Nowadays there are many schools of black metal divided by the epoch and mainly by geography. That’s how the so called USBM came about. And so did Scandinavian Black Metal.

Dauðr Burðr Þrysvar, the EP of Gnosis of the Witch manage to float between these two schools seamless, rather they manage to marry them and interconnect the circuits without pledging direct allegiance to one another.

The first track is rather a drone piece of non-music with a menacing edge clocking in at 3 minutes or so of low pitched frequencies…

The proper song Ormar Eitr starts off as a melancholic nonchalance, only to burst into a faster-than-speed-of-light black metal of satanic proportions with relentless bravado and scourging rides and crashes.

Svartr Úlfar Blóð is very alike Emperor‘s I am the Black Wizards with pure black metal harmony from beyond. A great song forsooth!

Last track Dauðiþursar Seiðr is depressive but heavy as hell with searing guitars however with Burzumic keyboards as a counterpoint. Noisy and great music with occasional changes of tempo and hermetic vocals!!!

Dauðr Burðr Þrysvar is a different black metal product that will call the attention of people seeking for cutting edge black metal assault without being mild or delicate…

Dauðr Burðr Þrysvar 12″ MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel Death)

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Cemetery Fog – Towards the Gates 12″ MLP – Iron Bonehead

Towards the Greatness…

Cemetery Fog is back with a proper Ep this time, after the release of their demo Shadows From The Cemetery, this EP shows them over again in the death/doom field in the Suomi modus operandi.

This time around changes didn’t change that much, aside from the production, which is much better and presents a crystalline sound.

This EP has 5 songs (2 of them are the intro and the outro), and now their intentions become clearer: Withered Dreams of Death presents 8 minutes of variations (although the phrases are long) in the same field of old Samael and old Rotting Christ, that very peculiar mix of doom, black and death from the beginning of the 1990’s…

Embrace of the Darkness although a little bit more frugal, follows the same framework with chunks of beefy riffs that will not disappoint those who like snail-paced sounds

Shadow of Her Tomb has some funeral keyboards and it is pure slow motion music.

This is a very sui generis EP that will get the attention of the underground collectors out there… it pays the investment!

Towards the Gates 12″ MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel Death)

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Zgard – Contemplation – Svarga Music

Slavic Svart Metal!

Zgard is a band from Western Ukraine that plays a very rough and ultra epic kind of folk black metal: pure and evocating the gods of the past, this is Homeric!
Excellent on-man-band indeed with the guy of Говерла (transliteration: Hoverla) – Yaromisl – orchestrating the whole thing is a bit bread and butter for fans of Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh and Arkona.
The production is over the top opening with an epic 10-minute number called Highlands, Zgard is the purveyor of coldest black metal with melody and typical folk instrumentation. Changes of phares and tempo, going from calm to aggressive permeates this track as in the following 11-minute number Underworld Bells with its black metal rifferama amidst sagas of good sound.
The whole thing is a little bit overdone and it requires patience for those who are not into this kind of music, but for sure the songs Contemplation and Wedge of Cranes will satisfy fans of Slavic persuasion…
I really dug the instrumental and atmospheric Silence which is the best and shortest track (with only 5 minutes) number of the opus.
The other two songs follow the same framework of the album, melancholic and dramatic.
Contemplation is a great album forsooth, but lengthy, and in this world when people are always in a hurry, it requires time, and so it’s indicated for those souls who still have this luxury to savor the whole thing from the beginning to end. If you’re in a Slavic trip, this is for you!

Contemplation is out now on Svarga Music.

(Daniel Death)

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R.I.P. Tristessa. Astarte reportedly split-up

R.I.P. Tristessa (aka Maria Kolokouri), the Greek singer of Astarte who died yesterday of complications of leukemia. The original information came from her husband on Facebook saying that she succumbed to the illness. You’ll be missed sister of Black Metal!

(Daniel Death)

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Common Eider, King Eider – Taaleg Uksur – Pesanta Urfolk

Opulent Dark Ambient.

I’ve never heard of Common Eider, King Eider before, and why it’s anyone’s guess. How come? They are what I was after!!!

Their dark ambient sound subdivided into 4 parts shows low frequencies and drones (if that’s not a redundancy) and truly phantasmagoric manifestations packed into a non-linear and out of pulse soundscapes.

The spirits first manifest themselves in the opener Uksur, with some enigmatic frequencies out of space while As The Soil Rises Up Past Our Bodies lives up to its name.

Sense Of Place, however is the most cryptic song of the album clocking in at 10 minutes of splendid music: no metrics can be found here, yet it’s a delight of impressive acoustics.

The closer Caribou People is slightly different with some acoustic guitar that gives some sense of rhythm but minutes later, it gains layers of hissing noises in a semi-crescendo of calm, yet menacing music. Very paradoxical.

Taaleg Uksur is the daily fix of those who seek for something new in the dark ambient field: great instrumental and good ideas make this album a must-have item in the collection of ambient buffs out there!

Taaleg Uksur is out now on Pesanta Urfolk.

(Daniel Death)

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