Profetus – As All Seasons Die – Svart Records

Slowest forms of Funeral Doom Metal.

After the great album …to Open the Passages in Dusk released two years ago, the masters of Finnish funeral doom metal are slower and lengthier than ever following the tradition of Finnish bands like Thergothon and Skepticism as well as Aussie Mournful Congregation

Over again they present only four agonizing tracks of pure desolation and despondency!

The Rebirth of Sorrow works more like an introduction… A 3-minute introduction, of course, but it opens the path to the ultra heavy A Reverie (Midsummer’s Dying) with moribund BPM and monotone guitars and a ceremonial keyboard just like the third track Dead Are Our Leaves Of Autumn.

But the icing in the cake is the last track The Dire Womb Of Winter, which is deceitful and only indicated for die hards of the style… Deceitful because it seems that the song follows one tone for the most of its percussion but they actually change phrases, however the whole framework is so enduring that it’s difficult for the perception to get the shifts…

As All Seasons Die is another classic of the style and essential for those souls who like extreme and real despondency not the pop-savored pseudo depressive bands out there: this is the real deal, unbearable for posers so back off!!!

As All Seasons Die is out now on Svart Records

(Daniel Death)

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