Deep in Hate – Chronicles of Oblivion – Kaotoxin

French Tech Death Metal, repetitive or innovative?

Deep in Hate is a technical death metal band that morphed into something modern… Well I have some issues with modern things but let’s investigate what they are up to:

First of all the production is great, everything is on the right place, the sound is good to the ears, very aggressive indeed, but as the songs pass one starts to perceive they introduced some elements of the deathcore…

I simply can’t comply with that style, but let’s not be unfair with our French lads… This album has everything to be great and it has its moments, like the downtuned bass amidst the musical chaos, and some noisy moments as in the track the Unheard Prayers.

The problem here is the iteration: first song is okay, second song is okay then the album becomes unbearable. Tech does not mean creativity and although they play like hell, the songs are brainless: let’s do a tech solo, inside an excellent production pack the CD and distribute! No, this is not the way death metal is done.

The “breaks” start to wear out their welcome and an excellent band suddenly becomes subpar… I mean, okay, they don’t care much about proving themselves they are the fastest guys in the universe, but they could had chosen anything else but “core” mode.

I don’t like to repeat myself but again, this fact alone doesn’t take away the case that Deep in Hate is a great band… They are, indeed. A great band doing the wrong thing.

Chronicles of Oblivion is out now on Kaotoxin. 

(Daniel Death)

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