Taatsi – Season of Sacrifice – Forever Plagued

First Class Atmospheric Suomi Black Metal

Taatsi is a black metal band from Finland; buy their album, end of the review… No, seriously, they are in all their simplicity, simply excellent!!!!

Season of Sacrifice was originally released this year as a digital demo and now it’s gaining a proper release via Forever Plagued and man, what a pure and aural music from the stars…

First song, who gives its name for the opus has some electronic drums and a spatial keyboard inside repetitive sounds and the atmosphere is really sad but they manage to do the real deal (no sympho bullshit here!) They really don’t care about a good production because this is black metal for fuck sake!

Cult of the Northstar has the vibe of its name: it’s a nocturnal hymn to the old (and new) civilizations who’s been adoring the old star of the North, a perfect song to hear in the wintertime. Acoustic guitars and suddenly changes of phrases may occur.

The only problem with this release is the duration: Only 9 minutes, this is the kind of music I’d be able to hear for hours…

So have I said before for you to buy their release? Do it, right now!

Season of Sacrifice is out now on Forever Plagued.

(Daniel Death)

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