Ending Quest – The Summoning – FDA Rekotz

Swedish death metal: the real deal!

After two demos, finally Ending Quest presents its debut album The Summoning  with the best in old school death metal. Although being Swedish and carrying out influences from Entombed and Dismember (as well as Grave) they are not copycats. Their sound just has the same kind of production and guitar distortion of the aforementioned bands and they use them just as a tool to build their own slughtermachine.

This becomes clear in first seconds of Black Death, the opener with lots of good solos and tempos, bringing the classic to the fold without sounding outdated.

Sumerian Invocation is really evil and original in its own terms: pure headbanging and infernal death metal sensations…

Tracks like Eradicate and Evocation of Carnal Flesh are truly hardcore and reflects their intent to throw the listener back with pure quality music and velocity…

Voice is the best and the more creative track of the album with magnificent solos: here is proved that they aren’t here just to ape the pathfinders but to create their own musical universe with violence with hints of melody.

Other tracks like Destruction of the Firmament and Exalted and Fireborn can hold the attention of the listener towards the end of the album…

The bottom line is that The Summoning is a great album and it deserves lots of spins contrary to the current belief that is enough to ape the gods to achieve something: they just ignore all this crap and put their hands to work out on something really artistic and monumental…

The Summoning  is out now on FDA Rekotz.


(Daniel Death)

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