Humut Tabal – The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm – Self Released

American Black Metal plagued by electronic drum set.

Okay, I admit, Humut Tabal, the strangest band from US is good and they have the ability to make a modern take on the black metal with more variations on riffs than the average BM band: very creative and bringing influences even from classical music.

Songs like Across the Boundless Land ov Death and Through the Forest and Twisting Shadows have beefy riffs and transmit a plethora of good ideas with their blustery phrases with prowess.

Besides that the production is not subpar to let’s say, what’s being done on metal nowadays.

But the band has one little problem… The electronic machine gun: I for one have no problem with bands that use that recourse, but why they endanger such myriad of good ideas is everyone’s guess.

The sound of the drum is louder than the other instruments and the drum fills sounds irritating while dropping a dime of their crime.

On the other angle: the production is so limpid that it shows its worst flaws.

To fix that error, the band should remix the drum set giving it a grain treatment and put it out of evidence, or re-record it completely.

Apart of that troublesome drum set, the album, I repeat, has surprisingly good ideas and I wouldn’t discard that totally… Enjoy it if you will…

The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm is out now and it’s Self Released 

(Daniel Death)

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