Rippikoulu – Ulvaja – Svart Records

Doom/Death Metal veterans from Finland

Rippikoulu is a classic death/doom metal from Finland and they had released two classic demos in the 1990’s before calling it quits. Surprisingly they are returning with new material in 2014 and I can say that was the best thing they could do.

Ulvaja is an intense piece of darkest metal, and I just can lament that this is just an EP with three songs (I just can imagine a full length of this guys).

Their songs are mega inspired and winterlike.

First song which gives the name to the album is an ode to doom/funeral/death metal so characteristic of Suommi metal with avant-garde passages, so slow that it makes everything sad and the atmosphere heavy. Thick and beefy guitar that somewhat resembles a crossover with Beherit and Skepticism is so old school it hurts.

Loputon, the second track brings more despondency to the fold and although a sad song it’s never melodic or anticlimactic.

But the greatest song is the last one called Jää hyvästi kaunis kesä with some feminine vocals in the backdrop, and funeral keyboards that sends shivers down one spine. Magnificent composition made only by veterans of the style, un-angelical, bringing the pain and repentance of old times from the loss of someone we used to love… Totally impacting, foreboding and sticky.

These guys are not back for nothing and I heard somewhere else “it’s not something that would change someone’s life”: I say BULLOCKS! This is intense, prodigious and malefic, a real sate of art in music form. It’s good to hear something ACTUALLY classic for a change… I for one, am very happy with their return from the catacombs, and if it didn’t changed my life, it changed my days while absorbing this masterpiece. Totally recommended!

Ulvaja  is out now on Svart Records.

(Daniel Death)

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