Vassafor / Sinistrous Diabolus – Split LP – Iron Bonehead

Occult split with two excellent bands from New Zealand.

Arrrghhhh, this split album puts two great Kiwi bands together as they are extreme cults and, brutal and filthy as they can be.

Vassafor side shows an abundance of morbid metal and a torrent of serpentine riffs as in the first and long track Ossuary in Darkness, clocking in at 15 minutes of constant disgraceful metal with noisy satanic guitars and anticosmic drumming… actually the drummer in this record castigates his kit with gusto and everything here is organic as fuck, real instruments, no tricks, no compromise, fuck off posers!

Son of the Moon is so kvlt and extreme with its (beefy) buzz saw guitars and more aggressiveness to the fold.

The b-side, on the other hand, shows a mega despondent Funeral Black Metal Sinistrous Diabolus with its 21-minute track Aeon Tenebris/Aeon Lacrimis…  Damn this is so forlorn it hurts… heaps of drone-like riffs and a reverberating drum pervades the first half of the song… the other half seems even more extreme with fastest drumming interchanging with the desolating funeral phrases and that turns the opus even more diabolic to the eardrums… Abyssal as fuck!

This is a split only indicated for mega extreme cultists out there… don’t try to listen to it if you listen to “normal” Black Metal, you’ll get yourself killed in this game kid…. Bugger off!


Vassafor / Sinistrous Diabolus – Split LP is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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