Common Eider, King Eider – Taaleg Uksur – Pesanta Urfolk

Opulent Dark Ambient.

I’ve never heard of Common Eider, King Eider before, and why it’s anyone’s guess. How come? They are what I was after!!!

Their dark ambient sound subdivided into 4 parts shows low frequencies and drones (if that’s not a redundancy) and truly phantasmagoric manifestations packed into a non-linear and out of pulse soundscapes.

The spirits first manifest themselves in the opener Uksur, with some enigmatic frequencies out of space while As The Soil Rises Up Past Our Bodies lives up to its name.

Sense Of Place, however is the most cryptic song of the album clocking in at 10 minutes of splendid music: no metrics can be found here, yet it’s a delight of impressive acoustics.

The closer Caribou People is slightly different with some acoustic guitar that gives some sense of rhythm but minutes later, it gains layers of hissing noises in a semi-crescendo of calm, yet menacing music. Very paradoxical.

Taaleg Uksur is the daily fix of those who seek for something new in the dark ambient field: great instrumental and good ideas make this album a must-have item in the collection of ambient buffs out there!

Taaleg Uksur is out now on Pesanta Urfolk.

(Daniel Death)

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