Zgard – Contemplation – Svarga Music

Slavic Svart Metal!

Zgard is a band from Western Ukraine that plays a very rough and ultra epic kind of folk black metal: pure and evocating the gods of the past, this is Homeric!
Excellent on-man-band indeed with the guy of Говерла (transliteration: Hoverla) – Yaromisl – orchestrating the whole thing is a bit bread and butter for fans of Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh and Arkona.
The production is over the top opening with an epic 10-minute number called Highlands, Zgard is the purveyor of coldest black metal with melody and typical folk instrumentation. Changes of phares and tempo, going from calm to aggressive permeates this track as in the following 11-minute number Underworld Bells with its black metal rifferama amidst sagas of good sound.
The whole thing is a little bit overdone and it requires patience for those who are not into this kind of music, but for sure the songs Contemplation and Wedge of Cranes will satisfy fans of Slavic persuasion…
I really dug the instrumental and atmospheric Silence which is the best and shortest track (with only 5 minutes) number of the opus.
The other two songs follow the same framework of the album, melancholic and dramatic.
Contemplation is a great album forsooth, but lengthy, and in this world when people are always in a hurry, it requires time, and so it’s indicated for those souls who still have this luxury to savor the whole thing from the beginning to end. If you’re in a Slavic trip, this is for you!

Contemplation is out now on Svarga Music.

(Daniel Death)

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