Hrizg – Individualism – Moribund

Spanish Black Metal: uncanny and arcane.

Spain’s black metal entity Hrizg is simply one of the most underrated bands at the moment. Formed by the guy of the same name (who also plays everything in bands such as Briargh, Deprive and Stormstone, under different aliases), Hrizg can be enticing and intense, dirty and difficult, drone and dumpy.

The buzzing guitars create an interesting and unrelenting atmosphere of brutal music made in the molds of USBM style.

The Darkness I Witness is old, ugly and reverberating, with its dissonant riffs splattering on the walls and causing a feedback along with an arcane keyboard amidst the billows of black metal noise.

No Life After Life is brutal and sad at the same time with dusty sounds from beyond the abyss. The sound is kinda dramatic staggering between ghastly drums fills and over the top riffs.

But the CD shows its full potential in tracks such as Night of the Wolf and When the Cryings are for the Weak with sticky stinky riffs from the black metal crypts… Focused and spooky, the guitar sounds are made for ringing into the minds of cultists of authentic black metal feast.

There’s even more to come, like the procession which is The Hall of Falseness and Impurity, the intricacy of With a Crown of Bitterness or the dark ambience of The Lament of God.

Individualism is a complete compendium of hideous black metal for die hards of Krieg, Judas Iscariot and Leviathan

Individualism is out now on Moribund.

(Daniel Death)

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