DRUKNROLL – Точка Кипения / Boiling Point – Metal Scrap

When bad is not bad enough.

When I got the word that Druknroll was going to release another album, my immediate thoughts were, “oh no Druknroll is back again”.  I thought that because I made a review about their first effort in another magazine…

But this time around, persistent as they are, they were not content and it seems that they have created an opvs (secretly laughing here) to impress the press with big words (and of course bad music). Reads their press release: “suddenly a big chandelier breaks away and falls at your head, breaking you with guitar riffs, tooth-crushing speed drums, bass mega parties, symphonic choral arrangements and vocals, ranging from clean to growling!” Oh my fuck, really? The first song is just another boring piece of “hey momma we are in a metal band”. The song has heavy parts but the chorus is pathetic!

These guys sure think they are the new Metallica or Iron Maiden or something near the saviors of the whole metal scene that is doomed to destruction, but now, thanks to Druknroll is secure and the world will live in sempiternal peace… reads the press release again “The whole album is penetrated by hellish mix of high-speed styles – symphonic, melodic, progressive, alternative, but there are a lot of ballads with a lot of acoustics (…) Quick Thrash Metal pieces organically interlace with the melodic choir choruses and there’s your brain explodes, you open your eyes and… theatre sees you out with last notes of a symphony orchestra”

Okay let me digest that one: hellish what? These guys are the most inoffensive garbage I’ve heard since their own last album… and when they say there are a lot of ballads, they try to justify how hellish they AREN’T with terrible, pathetic, horrible pseudo-metal/rock with “emotional” parts that would make me laugh if weren’t for my intrinsic hate for freshmen who like to use big words to impress an audience they don’t have.

As for the sympho parts they do claim they have (oh my fuck, be careful Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, Rhapsody and Dimmu Borgir, because Druknroll came to save the day) they are just some shy touches in the keyboard keys like a wah wah effect for keyboards (or maybe a covert keyboard thing in the background). Apart of that the tentative parts of anthemic choruses are what they call symphonic…

This album and this band are naïve and it’s really a chore to hear their whole CD… If you happen to like that, you have serious mental problems or you’re just a plain poseur!

Точка Кипения / Boiling Point is out now on Metal Scrap.

(Daniel Death)

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