Temple Desecration – Communion Perished MLP – Iron Bonehead

Grooming is not their style!

Communion Perished the new MLP of Temple Desecration brings to the fold ugly and unrelenting brutal death black metal so heavy it hurts!

There are two songs, called Ghoul Prayer and Apotheosis respectively but curiously they come together into one single track in the promo I’ve received.

After a brief intro that sounds like a Gollum, they go into full traction of brutal speedy death black satanic metal without concessions, just a steamroller of musical disgrace roadkilling those who dare to stay on their evil path with buzzing guitars just like a drill and ultra fast drumming viciously attacking the kit with maximum power violence!

Vocals are like monsters being castigated inside a foul cave by the demonic forces from beyond… a short interlude occurs with a keyboard then the strike from beyond is back again with full force leaving no prisoners on their game of death…

 Temple Desecration is the crème de la crème of brutal insensitive music and poseurs must keep due distance… Hail!

Communion Perished MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead.

(Daniel Death)

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