CEMETERY LUST – Orgies of Abomination (CD, LP) – Hells Headbangers

Hell is paved with thrashy intentions…

The rape thrash of Cemetery Lust is back with horror thrash metal alcoholic assault with sadistic lyrics about bitches, booze and Satan…

Production-wise the album is very okay, it captures the filthy punkish atmosphere of these blackened thrash/death maniacs. They play as fast as they can (which is not the fastest thing around, but well… )

The music is good, but they somewhat miss something along the way: maybe the no-brainer guitar riffs which resembles a lot another thrash/crossover bands a la D.R.I. or the pseudo mosh parts that sure will appear in any other track.. So basically their modus operandi is: hardcore, then ultra fast parts, then hardcore, then mosh, then hardcore, then the end of the song… Their sound is totally ad hoc with no place for any innovation. But the problem isn’t that they ape the bands of yore, but they really do that in a semi automatic mode, like, this way sounds cool, let’s play it over and over again…

Well, if it’s not the ideal sound, by the middle to end of the CD the band starts to produce good numbers such as the chaotic Tenement or the concise attack of Devils Grave Disturbance and Intent To Molest.

Another good song is Cum On The Cross, perhaps the best in the whole album.

All in all Orgies of Abomination is exaggerated in the point that makes these guys sound like a comedy group, not the mega-satanic guys  from beyond, but of course they are better than the whole plastic metal scene out there, so, in order to not sit on the fence on that my vote is YAY rather than NAY. Get your copy, a hooker and tons of booze and have some fun…

Orgies of Abomination is out now on CD and LP on Hells Headbangers

(Daniel Death)

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