Mortualia – Blood of the Hermit – Moribund

Sublime real deal black metal.

Some people would dub it DSBM, I would call simply black metal, because Mortualia is a Finnish entity that has Shatraug (of Behexen, Horna and Sargeist fame) as a sole instrumentist and Blood of the Hermit, originally released in 2010 has 5 incarnations of pure hateful and dismal svart music from Northern Europe so we are not talking about another wannabe band, but a solid and well structured musical project.

All the tracks have the same characteristic: they are long odes to infinite darkness and evil with a muddy production that perfectly fits the mood of the album: which is moody!

First impersonation of evil is called Becoming Meaningless. Clocking in at 12 minutes this track brings iteration of phrases with sad and doddering light, despondent riffs, agonizing vocals unsophisticated drumming, nevertheless excellent music, outdoing the average of the bands of the same style showing inauspicious black metal with devil may care attitude.

Manic Euphoria follows, say, with the same gestalt but never losing its sorrowful verve, never being beautiful, but gloomy, with the guitars buzzing at one’s ears, causing a hypnotic catharsis to the faithful and unmanageable discomfort to those who seek for something over produced. In this case beauty is in between the lines, just for the old hand members of the coven.

The Sinister Shine starts differently, not relying on riffs, but with vocals right off the bat, the chore of dolefulness felt in earnest, all handed over to the inverted light of eternal fog… The thrums delivering dark sensations all the way.

Blood of the Hermit is another exemplification of the quasi-shapeless structure of cracking sounds of abhorrent clamors from the very crevasses of the unholy valley of boundless solitude.

Pain at Least…, the last track, is a somatic disharmony to the hearts of those who seek revenge and death, in a neverending quest for perpetual self-inflicted suffering in an enduring set of riffs and phrases and minimal changes of moods, from bad to worse.

Blood of the Hermit means extreme quality overall. That kind of sound which is lost somewhere in the sands of time, this is a trip to the unknown and you may never come back!

Blood of the Hermit  is out now on Moribund

(Daniel Death)

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