Devangelic – Resurrection Denied – Comatose Music

Debut album from this Italian Behemoths of Brutal Music!

I can say for sure that this is one of the best debut albums that I’ve heard at least since 2000… I mean there a lot of excellent and good bands out there but this one caught my ears for some reason…

Brutal and technical death metal played with disgust and gore intentions this is the perfect balance between brutal, technical and old school.

If I have to name some bands to compare, I’d say Aborted, Suffocation or Cattle Decapitation but this is to wane the importance of these guys whose sound has some hint of originality and a sound that takes over the whole room with noise and gusto.

Songs like Eucharistic Savagery shows right out the bat what these guys intentions are about and they are not good: they just want to slaughter as many people as possible with their machine gun of unrelenting persuasion: the riffs are packed the drumming is on spot and the song is dead on.

Crown of Entrails, Disfigured Embodiment and Unfathomed Evisceration follow suit with great guitar works and no prisoners left behind amidst the organized chaos that they intend to impose to humanity in shards of brutal endless energy.

But my absolute faves are the last ones Apostolic Dismembering and Devouring the Consecrated: this is not music, this is poetry!!! Brutal engagement to the real headbangers and fans this band is sure to take their throne in the death metal pantheon.

Resurrection Denied is not only a good album, but of excellent taste only for gourmets of real and visceral death metal. They are not here to kid. They are here to destroy you!!!!

Resurrection Denied is out now on Comatose Music

(Daniel Death)

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