Ciberpajé – Invocação da Serpente – Lunare Music

Another Chef D’ouvre from Brazilian Multimedia Artist.

Edgar Franco (the master behind the most important Dark Ambient band from Brazil – Posthuman Tantra) is a multimedia artist whose career includes music, poetry, design, experimentation…

But this time around he’s back with his aphorisms which he posts in his Facebook page called Aforismos do Ciberpajé: .

The differential part now is that he turned his written philosophy into music and what a great experiment!!

Ciberpajé (the proper project) includes some 6 minutes of music and three intricate songs.

The first track is the one which gives its name to the EP, a tribal dark ambient dabbling with industrial music, which is intense and menacing, perfect for nightly rituals.

Aforismo I is even more obscure with a snail’s pace tempo and over again the tribal parts appear along with his spoken poetry in the distant background… The soundscape is incredible and the textures keep the listener attention all through the execution.

Aforismo II is a total Dark Ambient, with his spoken word even more threatening!

Well I’m a great fan of his other works, including Posthuman Tantra which is one of my main influences, but I do hope he releases other EP’s, singles and albums of this Ciberpajé project in the near future. It’s sublime music for chosen minds.

Invocação da Serpente is out now for FREE on Lunare Music . Link

(Daniel Death)

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