Axegressor – Last – Listenable Records

Pure energy from Finland.

Pure thrash metal attack is hard to hear these days. Okay, it’s not THAT hard as there is a band in each corner of the big and small cities, but Axegressor don’t get their kicks by simply imitating the cheap production of the past although their influences of Destruction, Exodus and Dark Angel (not to invoke other thrash metal titans) are quite apparent, and despite the fact they have a modern production they DO NOT DO modern thrash metal, core or any other shit like that. They are honest thrash metal to honest metal heads across the globe.

Freedom Illusion has a somewhat annoying arrested first part whereas they put the pedal to the metal and thrash metal starts to explode from the speakers like a torrent of manic pummeling which will make heads bang and twang and posers hang with pang.

If Lead Justice and Mind Castration are not the best samples of the ultimate thrash metal band, songs like Merciless Reality Check and 15 give the giants a run for their money with packed thrash metal attack and the absolute domination comes with the flawless track Social Pressure executed with Thrash Metal devotion of old boosters.

If nothing else, Last by Axegressor is a great album to put some savagery while the drinking binge is going on with your crazy friends… This is the perfect soundtrack.

Last is out now Listenable Records.

(Daniel Death)

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