Misguided Italian guys…

This is the third work of The Megs, being an EP and an album preceding this album Awakening.

This album is problematic from the very beginning, a kind of kinky hard rock with the most amateurish production encounters talentless boys with a visual for rock stars and songs of boyish boredom.

Every song is a chore for the poor listener and it seems that it could never get worse, but they have a forte for loser songs…

For example, songs like What I would Like (which the band proclaims it’s the ultimate rocker anthem) or Follow the White Rabbit are crappy but nothing ever surpass the dispirited Rain Of Sand with the terrible vocal work that makes me want to put my head under the rug, feeling a kind of “third person shame”. But everything else is bad and equivocated. I seriously will never understand these guys who really think they are the next big thing in rock and next thing you know they’re washing cars… maybe they are rich but who cares about their art?

Blackout is just as bad as the name infers (seriously, haven’t they ever heard about some ol’ guys called Scorpions???? C’mon….)

My Time is pathetic beyond control!

Well I guess is useless to pan the band for every single mistake: I would end up writing a book and that’s not my intention… Some guys have to understand they weren’t born for rock n roll, and if one day a band as The Megs takes the parades by the storm, I vow to throw out the towel and go work on something else because it’s the day the rock is fucking dead!

Awakening is out now on PURE STEEL PUBLISHING




(Daniel Death)

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