Servants of the Mist – Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation – Self Released

Doom galore.

This is a band that is funeral to the limits: Servants of the Mist is sludge droneful entity that hails from Florida, and they mean business!

Their sound is so despondent that it makes me want to kill myself.

First track called Sadism & Suffering is a drone/dark ambient piece serving as introduction while the second song Undeserving is ultra slow and sludgy with guitar effects that resounds white noise proper, the basslines are lowest pitched and the whole song has the slowest BPM at infra-frequencies: low and slow…

Next track is noneless than a GG Allin track Commit Suicide which fits perfectly to the whole work… It’s always great to hear a cover of the great GG

Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation is the last one and over again they dabble with infrasound in forlorn fashion. Industrial parts in loop may occur and out of the blue the drone guitar appears to cause irritation in militant riffs just to give place to the rhythm session over again with a bass that seems it was plugged in a guitar amp… everything is so slow motion that it seems the listener is on drugs…

Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation is a great work in a great state of art and if you are a drone/doom/funeral buff, make your way to get this little gem of underground lore.

Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation  is out now and it’s Self Released 

(Daniel Death)

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