Deathwhite – Ethereal – Self Released

First effort brings new winds.

Ethereal is the first effort of Deathwhite , a band that nobody know much about… All that is known about them is that they have influences of bands such as Katatonia,Paradise Lost, Alcest, and early Anathema, bands that I heartedly dislike, except the first works of Anathema which I deem good.

But surprisingly this band has some attributes like a calm and reflexive sound and the clean vocal DOESN’T sound affected in any way like any other band would do it to sound cool and hipster.

In this EP the band makes the sound that they like and this reflects on their output making them a good choice for those who like a kind of clean doom with frail influences of death metal and lots of modern takes of this kind of depressive music without sound like wannabes. In the future this band can show some great results by the zeal they have with their own sound.

Ethereal is out and it’s Self Released.

(Daniel Death)

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