Begravningsentreprenörerna – Begravningsentreprenörerna 10″ – Ektro

Raw riffs of alcoholic rock n roll party!

Begravningsentreprenörerna a band with the most complicated  name of the year, appears with this very interesting 10” with only 3 songs (unfortunately) and an authentic rock n roll attitude sung in Swedish (although the band is from Finland)

It’s hard to put them in a label, so it’s difficult to tell right away if they do garage rock, hard/punk or simply Heavy Metal. But although this is a terrible thing for reviewers it connotes that the band has plenty of hidden attributes.

Du Skulle Se Mig Nu Din Fan starts the rock n roll party with drugs and woman with STD, in a genuine orgy of riffs and in mid to up tempo, raw and real!

Anden I Flaskan with its spinning riffs and drumming and the raddest phrases and great vocals are the real deal!

Last number named Snaran Och Stålet clocks in at 8 minutes and it’s melodic, but not kitsch or low brow: this is a classic rock number with plenty of potential and heaviness, not romantic anything (at least from what I can understand of Swedish language which ranges from 0 to 0,0001%). The second half of the music is dedicated to a quasi-blues part with plenty of 1970’s soloing with a hard rock taste in it.

This 10″ is totally recommended for fans of genuine music made with love for heavy sounds, so if I was you I would manage to get my copy!

Begravningsentreprenörerna 10″  is out now on Ektro.

(Daniel Death)

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