CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR – Mechanical Tides – Season of Mist

Grind/sludge from Liverpool.

It seems that the musical school of Pig Destroyer is spreading across the globe. Here we have a relative new band (they were formed two years ago, and this is their first full length) Corrupt Moral Altar that makes that strangest mix between grind and sludge which will always sound strange to my ears.

Sure, these boys make a lot of noise and their art is not something that can be neglected.

Let’s take a closer look at the three first tracks of Mechanical Tides which will give us an idea of what this band is all about:

First track is a plain grindcore a la Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror with velocity to destroy a whole army of nuclear panzers, really terrific and well done leaving no prisoners!

The second track though, Blood Harmony, is totally Eye Hate God with its muddy sound, feedbacks and doomish style, it seems that the band which was playing the first track is no more giving place to another ensemble. Really strange and too American for British boys.

Third track, called Die Glocke is somewhat a blend between the two styles but in this one they sound more like a Benediction in a wrong velocity! It’s strange but it’s cool.

Line Check is okay while Wire Mother brings that American groovy sound back to the fold.

Sure this band is a crazy concoction of Pig Destroyer elements and is something for the open minded, although they are not bad by any means. Corruption Moral Altar doesn’t try to sound repetitive and inside this niche they’ve found a way to make their death metal experimentations and I daresay, avant guarde music. But one thing the listener can be sure: they are noisy as hell and play for fucking keeps.

 Mechanical Tides is out now on Season of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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