Athanatos (Chile) – Unholy Union TAPE – Iron Bonehead

South American real massacre!

Athanatos is releasing their debut demo tape called Unholy Union to great acclaim by cultists worldwide. Those who are metal pundits know Chile is a place where truest metal bands are generated such as the great Morbid Goat Fornicator, Nuclear Anticristo, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Ceremonial, Hades Arches, Slaughbbath, between many others… So they know what BESTIAL black metal really means.

Athanatos presents us with a Sarcófago-meets-Blasphemy style in the best Brazilian/Ross Bay tradition, merging the two schools of brutality into a Chilean one, so expect creativity and brutality.

First song Unholy Union has a slow to mid-tempo intro just to set off into a brutal blackened death metal with hints of (OLD!!!) thrash metal to add a dynamic scheme to the songs with several phrases and occasional changes of tempo, stoppages, guitar sounds to fill in the void and crescendos amidst non-ostinato passages which completes each and every part with resourcefulness.

Reverse the Creation has blistering guitar sounds, pitiless roars and enough distortion to make a bridge to tremble. This is what I call brutal stuff. It’s somewhat confusing until you get the whole picture.

Per Vas Nefandum shows more brutality while Full Moon Rites of Sabbat exhibits no mercy.

This EP is very well executed and is a blueprint of what is being done in South America today!

Unholy Union TAPE is out now on Iron Bonehead

(Daniel Death)

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