I MISS MY DEATH – In Memories – Metal Scrap

Ukrainian Gothic powerhouse.

 I Miss My Death has a “metalcore name” but fortunately they make a nobler sound which is Gothic Metal.

It’s easy for outsiders to infer that they are just another copycat of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica or After Forever… but assuming that they have influences of aforementioned bands, their sound, albeit pompous and circumstance, is much darker than that, like a Slavic version of Tristania or The Gathering.

Well the CD is very long (clocking in at more than 60 minutes) and it’s indicated only for the fans of this style of music.

Nonetheless it has its beautiful moments like in the monumental In Memories with the profound emotion and verve of Silence Cries.

Songs like While You Remember Me take the listener by assault and its grandiosity is not subpar to other more famous names of the style.

Another great number is In the Dark Garden of the Vampire which is dark as hell…

The bottom line is that I Miss My Death is bounded to be the next big thing in the style, so keep your ears tuned because you’re going to hear about them…

In Memories is out now on Metal Scrap.

(Daniel Death)

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