Steel Prophet – Omniscient – Cruz del Sur Music

A great album or just another trad metal filler?

US heavy metal bands always amazed me, by coming from a country that rejected the style from the beginning of thrash metal history, passing through the 90’s grunge and pseudo-metal modern groups, to the fad of post-metal of today and still going strong, appealing, mainly, to a die-hard European audience.

Steel Prophet is in that team of warriors that still believe that true heavy metal is alive and kicking.

But Omniscient is not a breakthrough album. It has its ups and downs, although the band manages to maintain a certain level of quality throughout the whole disc.

The first tracks are really not that impressing: songs like Trickery Of The Scourge (with its mid tempo lackluster melody) or When I Remake The World (a Key Flaw) (another song that is not bad, but you see, it’s not excellent as well) are tracks that seems a contractual clause rather than fine art.

The album goes on like this until a track like 666 is Everywhere (The Heavy Metal Blues) appears: what a great and marvelous violent heavy metal tune!!! It has a lot of parts, changes of tempos, unusual to the trad metal field, and yet it carries riffs that explodes the speakers and make one ears bleed!!!! Great, great song!

Oleander Deux, the subsequent track is so off the wall, that one might start to wonder what these guys are into… Strange track to say at least.

Aliens, Spaceships and Richard M. Nixon returns on the track of pure heavy metal riffs and strong choruses (different from the beginning of the album)…. Pure American Old School Heavy Metal that remembers me of Detroit’s band Halloween (does anybody remember Don’t Metal with Evil?) Pure heaviness and coolness!

Amid other tracks there is a great rendition of Queen‘s Bohemian Rhapsody (yes, they managed to not assassinate the song). Fucking ace!

Omniscient is not the album that will change anyone’s life. Maybe the flaw here is the length of the album (which clocks in at more than 60 minutes). Maybe it was the way the songs were distributed. If they ran in different order, the perception of the opus should be modified. But if you can’t take a classic for granted you need to listen to it to pick up the nice moments that are really nice!!!! Sort things out, and bang your fucking head!

Omniscient is out now on Cruz del Sur Music

(Daniel Death)

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