AD PATRES – Scorn Aesthetics – Kaotoxin

Run-of-the-mill death metal.

Good. That’s the adjective that better describes the French death metal band Ad Patres. They do some good songs, packed in a death metal case that is neither traditional nor brutal technical, although they are great musicians for sure.

The problem is that they don’t show signs of creativity and I don’t blame them because it’s very difficult to be creative and maintain a kind of fidelity to the style as they do.

They are indeed a good band with nothing special into it.

Tracks like … / The lock (stylized in this way), or In Vivo shows dexterity of the drummer and good riffs between brutal bellows.

Other songs like Emphazise nihility are pure death metal to the bone, but at this point is difficult to encase them into a specific kind of death metal because the production as well. I explain myself: they are bent to a polished production which doesn’t even remember the analog bands of the forgotten past. But as much as they play fast, they are not so fast as the behemoths of the style like Severe Torture, Misery Index or Dying Fetus nor even as tech as Neuraxis.

Well maybe it’s a good idea to be themselves, and maybe they will evolve into something very special. For now, it’s enough to say that they have a brilliant future if they actually work to make their tunes a little more different.

Scorn Aesthetics is out now on Kaotoxin 

(Daniel Death)

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