KAFIRUN – Death Worship EP – Self Released

No Keyboards, no operatic, no bullshit!!

Kafirun hails from Vancouver, Canada and they execute the truest form of black metal without any mix as they claim in their press release and thanks fuck this is so true… or tr00… or… forget it!

Actually their sound is dense and although they claim to be “Ross Bay Cult” kinda comparing themselves with the great Blasphemy, their sound is more Finnnish-like… and believe me mate when I say I know Finnish it’s because I do know Finnish scene!

So to put things straighter, they follow the segment of Horna, Baptism, Sargeist and other cults…

This EP has three songs, Beyond The Flesh Vessel, Killer of All Man and Thousand Spears and they aren’t really different from each other, which in this case it’s an excellent thing as they keep their pace as soldiers going to war with omnipresent guitar chainsaws amidst ritualist black and depressive spirit with NO CROSSOVER, just plain pitch black, kind of lo-fi and attitude to keep the things in the left path without sounding like another tedious bedroom project: everything here is very organic and they are a real band, with energy drew from the suicide thoughts and negative attitudes of others: Kafirun is the evil itself which bring death and desolation to the earth.

Death Worship EP is ou now and it’s Self Released.


(Daniel Death)

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