SPATIAL – Silence – Metal Scrap

Strange sounds.

Spatial is a band that claims to be death doom metal… and although they do have some parts that resemble this style, actually they practice a strange form of thrash metal, a slow thrash metal, a mellow thrash metal with occasional clean vocals and occasional screams.

The production is pretty okay and this is not necessarily a good thing: it seems that each song is a chore to hear: okay I must confess this is not the most terrible album I’ve heard these years thus far, but c’mon, what’s happening to the music? They do a kind of LAZY THRASH METAL, and albeit they can handle their instruments they can’t just create! It’s simple like that, they can’t just pen a decent song with well structured parts and choruses and soloing, you name it.

Let’s get a song like Funeral Kiss for example: promising riffs, but why DOES the vocalist have to sing in that way? When he is singing in a harsh manner it’s pretty cool, but they want to be “mainstreamly” (if there’s such adjective) aggressive and it simply doesn’t work.

You the Dark has the most simpleminded introduction made to cause some dramatic entrance and their sound simply don’t work in this one as well… I could lie and say they have the inventiveness and nerve to change tempos, but they do so in a provincial manner that is somewhat irritating: new guys who use the technology to the service of evil (and I’m not being flattering here), and their pseudo-Dream Theater approach in the track The Mirror may deceive lots of people out there: NOT ME!

But the nail in the coffin is the last track Posag minionych burz which is pathetic… Trying to sound romantically sad, they seem to be doing exacting the opposite.

Okay there is a moment here and there and if you want to spend your money, here’s the way to go: good luck!

Silence is out now on Metal Scrap.


(Daniel Death)

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