Zarpa – Bestias Del Poder – Pure Steel Records

Classic Spanish band is back with a new album.

For those about to rock, Zarpa is no new band, because their debut was in the distant year of 1978 (being one of the oldest heavy metal bands in the world). After the debut EP, two albums came in the 1980’s: ¿Ángeles o Demonios? (1983) and Herederos de un Imperio (1984). The band seemed to fold but they returned in 2000 with a full length and have been fully active ever since.

This new album brings the traditional Zarpa sound (although they failed to produced a breakthrough, they fell into the category of “classic metal”), with pure steel and blast from the past.

Songs like EL REINO DE LA VERDAD showcases a pure Germanic feeling a la Accept and it’s impossible to not be touched by the sincerity of their pure heavy metal sound with truest guitars and genuine energy!

Besides, a song like DENTRO DE TI, DENTRO DE MI doesn’t fail to deliver the purest traditional rock n roll with hight pitched guitar solos, screaming along with a plain rhythmic guitar and rhythmic session!

JAQUE AL REY is another indefectible heavy metal anthem of European proportions!!! No fillers here dude!

The problem is the very language: I never thought that Spanish was a good language for heavy metal because it’s very mellifluous and somewhat betrays all the heaviness that is behind the lyrics, mainly when one can understand the words (because Spanish is very alike my native language which is Portuguese).

Aside of that, Zarpa is a force to be reckoned with, as they’ve proven for years of service to real heavy metal, so if you’re in for the classical and real deal, this is the way to go!

Bestias Del Poder is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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