Forensick – The Prophecy – Pure Underground Records

German band with a NWOBHM scent.

Forensick presents us with their sophomore record bringing some traditional heavy metal to the fold, but albeit they’re Germans, their sound is pure NWOBHM just like Chariot for example.

The problem resides here: Chariot has never been the greatest band around and Forensick seems to not have a brilliant future as rock stars.

Their sound is not bad and bozos they are not, since they have the guts to honor the tradition of old metal but their sound is somewhat antiseptic and uncreative with the very same riffs and that’s make difficult to sit through the 50 minutes of the album.

The Prophecy really has no highlights and it fades away as the time passes.

However, if old sound is your cuppa, don’t hesitate to get your copy. But if you’re used to other kinds music that is not orthodox heavy metal, you should get your kicks somewhere else.

The Prophecy is out now on Pure Underground Records.

(Daniel Death)

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