Almøst Human – Ø – Self Released

Big words, mediocre music.

Swiss Almøst Human claim in their press release to be the future of metal (modern metal of course) and they swear they give Americans a run for their money. They claim to have a very creative and different process of the other bands and although production-wise they have some achievements their sound is just terrible.

For example Living Wreck, although some pseudo-thrash metal scream is no different than a revolted One-Direction.

Øbey, Cønsume Ør Disappear is even more boring and pathetic with the terrible vocal delivering which for me sound like plain pop for revolted kids. Really nothing new or innovative here, just the same modern crap they try to sell as “metal”. No.

Nørmøsis is another piece of crap, so boring it hurts, over again with the vocals delivering pure unworthy material, I pass.

The icing in the cake of course, it’s the last song Each Øf Us (and WHY IN THE FUCKING HELL do they have to stylize their letters with Ø?) This song is a chore indeed as is the rest of the CD.

This is not good music, it’s a bummer made to mislead 12 year-old kiddos.

Ø is Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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