Keitzer – The Last Defence – FDA Rekotz

Good but not excellent grindcore.

Keitzer is a strange band to say at least. Active since 1999, the band has released 5 albums, (including this one) and a couple of splits and it seems that they have achieved a cult following throughout their career.

Practicing a right-in-the-face grindcore (with a touch of modern sound) the band goes on full speed ahead with their music and short songs.

This album, Last Defence (sic) goes on a full scale Germanic mode, with packed riffs, drums fills and blast beats from beyond.

There is only one problem: they appeal to that kind of “street vocals” which sound modern and groovy, hence repetitive. There’s no actual variation between the songs and the album can be deemed a little boring for those who are seeking something else in their metal: there are no hookers or any actual “main” song at their 37-minute grind attack.

If there’s something to blame is a plain lack of creativity as ironically the band performs their sound perfectly and with a decent production. All the more, they like to make things loud and proud and that’s the positive point in this work: the gusto in which they attack and mince their instruments.

However this is an album only indicated for those who are grindcore zealots (no wonder they have a cult following) as they might alienate other audiences to their great sound.

The Last Defence is out now on FDA Rekotz.

(Daniel Death)

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