Uburen – Withered Roots – Self Released

Norwegian Viking Metal.

Okay, you must be thinking, well, another Viking Norwegian band. I have to concur that they aren’t the new Enslaved or Borknagar by any means, but although their sounds present nothing new, it’s very enticing at the same time.

They work in a quasi-doom to mid tempo mode, so rarely the songs get faster attacks, they are intended to be anthemic music from the North.

For those who miss the days of old they are the thing: pessimistic atmospheres in a quasi-demo tape mode , they seem to not care that much about production, only for the songs and the way they are presented: for example the song Forgotten Battle Cries is great because they really mean it with little effort on the production side, but the composition itself is the thing. Changes of tempo and constant changes of phrases keep the listener’s attention all the way through the music.

Other great song is Blood Eagle that recalls me the days of old Scandinavian music with gusto for the Viking cause, raising the banners high and with a reckless heavy metal attitude that lacks nowadays in the metal and rock music in general.

 Withered Roots is not the album that will change the course of metal itself but its honesty talks for itself. Good release!

Withered Roots is out now and it’s Self Released

(Daniel Death)

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