Bastard Feast – Osculum Infame – Season Of Mist

The noisy music is getting better and better

Bastard Feast claims to be sludge, crust, grindcore and death metal all in the same band and they don’t disappoint!

Presenting their sophomore album called Osculum Infame  , the band is really possessed and driven by demons of noise while carefully distorts everything in sight in order to make a mess out of their instruments.

That’s not exactly bad.

Having an approach that can be deemed as metal punk with lots of black metal influences the band pays tribute to noisiest bands of the past like old Voivod for instance.

The sound has a repetitive drumming, like a d-beat, but with lots of thrash metal within. Furthermore they sound like abject death/black metal band trying to infuse their disgraceful energy of feedbacks and gritty punkish guitar upon us relentlessly.

I seriously put my fists in the air while headbanging to the harsh sounds from beyond, and the songs gets better (or worse, depending on the point of view) as the time passes. They are the master of high pitched tunes while the bellows drive poseurs off, because this is just too unsophisticated for the new generation of “popmetal”.

The basslines are almost inexistent. The drummer leaves a dent in his kit. The punk/hardcore energy merges with strange experimental sludge and drone sounds by the end of the album in awkward inbreeding of musically conspicuous orgy.

All the more, not content to make some noise they augment the volume to outrageous proportions. Your neighbors will never sleep the same again.

Osculum Infame  is a great surprise in the midst of musical emaciation that heavy metal is living today. They’ve came to save the day… or to destroy it completely!

Osculum Infame  is out now on Season of Mist 

(Daniel Death)

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