Rage Nucléaire – Black Storm Of Violence – Season Of Mist

Nuclear soundtracks.

It is indeed a cliché to assert that but this new full length of Rage Nucléaire IS the soundtrack of the fucking Armageddon.

Tell me, where else are you going to find a band so brutally unrelenting, nuclear, vicious, vile.. okay you got the picture.

This fucking band has the (in)famous Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy) in the vocal duties so expect waves of radioactivity.

They say they practice a kind of Industrial Black Metal, and if you believe them, get a band like Anaal Nathrakh and imagine it in a googolplex exponent: this has the power of one billion H-Bombs dropped at once over the fucking earth.

The sound is damaging to the eardrums with a mega-ultra-fast machine gun covered by a layer of raspy guitars and raspier vocals.

This is so heavy and so disgraceful that it is almost a noise band! Imagine a thing heavier than Panzer Division Marduk. Can’t you? So listen to the trumpets of the nuclear destruction.

Of course, there’s no immediate way to discern the sounds from one another, only if you listen to this CD a dozen of times, but from what I’ve heard THERE ARE riffs in it, and this is not a bad band, on the contrary: this is magnificent destruction in all its abyssal glory.

Songs like Annihilaton Frenzy and A Sino-American Chainsaw War (what a fucking title!!!) are really destructive like a bulldozer with ebola coming in your direction.

The last track Black Storm of Violence is the epitome of the nuclear disgrace! Nobody will like it except you, die-hard fan of REAL BLACK DEATH DESTRUCTION!!!!

This is a CD for those who seek extremes: Rage Nucléaire did the work, but they won’t receive any prize because the nuclear winter is over us. Die. Chocked!

Black Storm Of Violence is out now on Season Of Mist.

(Daniel Death)

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