Dysangelium – Leviaxxis (Demo 2014) – W.T.C.Productions

Foggy black death metal from Deutschland.

Dysamgelium is coming back with their second demo called Leviaxxis which contains only 4 tracks with thick form of black metal that will do appease the purists!

‘Til Only Thy Light Is Left is a mid tempo track, crypt as fuck, dense as hell, cold as ice. They are eager to show the darkness is on our backyard and we are just step away from the chasm of eternal destruction. Great track with muddy guitars because of the muddy production.

Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Son, for its turn is more traditional black metal with speedy drumming and cursed bellows echoing the authentic metallic despair of damnation. In my opinion this is the best track on the album with double bass drum appearing here and there.

Last track Chaomega is even more menacing with surges of black metal assault and ominous riffs from the abyss of obscurity. As before the vocal lines are muddy, sunken into the final mix.

Leviaxxis is a great work and for those maniacs and die-hards who are after some true underground material this stuff is totally recommended.

Leviaxxis (Demo 2014) is out now on W.T.C.Productions

(Daniel Death)

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