Taatsi – Amidst the Trees – Forever Plagued

The masters from Finland are back.

When I first heard the EP of Taatsi released months ago, I suddenly fell in love with this great band!

Now they are back with a proper album that gives me goosebumps: Finnish Black Metal always has been my cuppa, so I have no complaints about the Nordic darkness that this band transmits through their sad tunes.

Over again the keyboards from hell are there, the phantasmagoric allegories, the terrible despondency, all in the name of the truest svart metal.

For instance, tracks like Malign Ghost Of The Woods or A Moonlight Journey Through the Midwinter Forest are what I call the flawless form of metal: I can hear these tunes all day long, non-stop mode.

Gateways Of The North says it all, it’s so cold and real, that’s the best case scenario and it’s what I exactly expect when I hear my black metal: dark and heartless.

But the best track of the album is the last one called Hunts In The Night’s Mind, that is very nocturnal in essence, disseminating bleakness all around with melancholic force… the moody and authentic energy (or lack of it) that keeps the true black metal still alive against all odds, because the grief and suicide will never ever die!

Amidst the Trees is a CD for those who are die hards of a style that has been changing and gaining (prohibited) new layers in the name of modernity: there’s absolutely nothing new here and there’s absolutely what I want to hear. Over again: perfection!!!!

Amidst the Trees is out now on Forever Plagued

(Daniel Death)

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