Coprocephalic – The Oath Of Relinquishment – Lacerated Enemy Records

“International” Slamming Death Metal

I honestly never understood what “slamming” death metal really is. Seriously. When this terminology began to circulate throughout the internet I though: here comes another fad.

This band is “slamming” which means they are not br00tal, they are kind of boring.

Formed  by some guys from Taiwan to California, this band is a confusing mix of brutal death metal with something else that I cannot identify.

Let’s go to the sound: Pig squeals robbed from bands like Devourment but repeated to the exhaustion: the guy simply doesn’t stop to squeal like a drunken bird or something…

 The songs are utterly repetitive, they get one formulae and repeat it all the way till the end of the album.

The drum fills seems synthetic and are not in the proper volume to be called blast beats: it’s a confusion of beatings intended to be technical.

By the middle of CD one just wants it to stop.

Those who follow my work know I’m a strong proponent of brutal death metal, technical death metal and other forms of noisy music: but this album seems a little bit out of control (in a bad sense) and it will please only those who are used to this kind of “slamming” thing. Not my cuppa.

The Oath of Relinquishment is out now on Lacerated Enemy Records.


(Daniel Death)

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