Lelahell – Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane – Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Brutal Death Metal… from Algeria!

Yeah you’ve read it right: this band is from Africa and what a great surprise! We tend to patronize bands who are from distant and (I don’t like this terminology) exotic countries. But the very fact is that Lelahell gives the western bands a run for their money.

This is their debut album but man, this is insane.

The album has two parts: the first one is marvelous. The second one is marvelous as well.

After a short intro the brutal death metal with hints of thrash here and there shows their face with strong influences of Nile, but they know how to make things sound original, and the short phrases of Al Intissar forms a puzzle inside our mind, a labyrinth of complexity that is difficult to get, yet it’s captivating. All the instruments follow the changes and after several spins the songs start to make sense.

Like in the track Voices Revealed with a theme that follows the insane and mega brutal death metal, that guides us amid the chaos. The vocals are separated between guttural and harsh and this adds heaps to the originality of the album.

Kalimet Essir alternates between hardcore drums and blastbeats in a matter of seconds, just to break into something very alike Atheist (old!). Everything is heavy and extremely correct, making Lelahell a name to be remembered in the future between the giants of death metal. Yes mate, they are THIS good!

 Hypnose is basically guided by vocals (which I infer are sung in French) in a game that you start to guess what will happen in the next part with the rifferama and drumming! It’s a insane and cool game. Those feedbacks a la Cannibal Corpse permeate the song, but they are creative enough to make a progressive approach on their formulaic music: serpentine music inside one song with heaps of contrived guitars and drums fills.

Imzad is the intermezzo with guitars and tribal drumming in a Middle eastern way, just to give place to the first rate Am I in Hell?… at first glance the song is not very fast so they appeal to hookers in vocals and breaks… it’s insanely good and one can actually remember what is happening in the middle of the whole chaos… then the music explodes in a surge of blastbeats that go between the phrases and constant changes of tempo (and attitude), for example there is a break where only a beat of drum along with bass exists just to return to the crazy mode again.

Hillal although maintaining its base in the brutal technical death metal turf makes strong forays into the thrash metal fields, hence the comparison with bands of the past like Atheist, Cynic (old!!!!), Pestilence and the likes. They merge like masters the better of two worlds. They don’t “slam” if you know what I mean, they do play their instruments in a ingenious way that left me seriously in awe!

Black Hands returns itself in the death metal mode, this time resounding Deicide‘s Legion with the demoniac vocals and brutalization of the tempos. This one is the most manifold track of the whole album and the fastest as well!!! The drummer castigates its kit and it’s impossible to headbang according to the BPM of the song.  This one particularly gained my heart because the intricate phrases where you never know where the change might occur. Sick as fuck!

The closer Mizmar is the bread and butter of the album not exactly a filler of course (a band of this quality would never put their hard work in peril) but I can see nothing really different that detaches it from the other tracks.

This is a brutal death metal band that generates certain curiosity but after several spins became a mandatory death metal fix for those who are seeking good music. This is a surprise and who doesn’t like surprises? New blood to death metal field, give me fucking more!

Al Insane… The (Re)birth of Abderrahmane  is out now on  Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

(Daniel Death)

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