Sacrificio – Sacrificio MLP – Iron Bonehead/Nuclear War Now!

Primitive sounds from Iberia.

Sacrificio is a band that dons themselves as medieval knights to spread the credo of Satanic crusade across the globe.

Although their intentions are the best one might know that hell is paved with good intentions as they make a kind of primitive sound that doesn’t say much about them.

Maybe it’s because it’s their first release, who knows? But the sound is not something fast, it’s indeed very mid-tempo, never getting in high velocity leaving the listener wondering what the message they are carrying out.

For example in the track Vástagos De La Abominación with a rawest production, they made a type of primitive death black metal which is difficult to grasp because the guitars are too sunken in the final mix. Primitive is the correct word. While in the song Sacrificio they do a kind of unmistakably crestfallen sound that is not as aggressive as it was intended to be.

Other tracks follow suit in this EP, nothing really exciting in any direction.

Perhaps that was the intention, perhaps they wanted that final result and they’ve got it. But Sacrificio is not the ultimate name in the primitive metal field. If you’re looking for something really radical go find it somewhere else.

Sacrificio MLP is out now on Iron Bonehead/Nuclear War Now!

(Daniel Death)

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