Those Who Bring The Torture – Piling Up – Selfmadegod Records

The future is bleak according to old-timers.

One of the constant things I hear almost everyday is that good music is dead. It is dead because of the internet and because people (listeners and musicians alike) became lazy. In the case of musicians they do lazy music for lazy masses, they don’t think, they don’t create, they just play like programmed drones got from some Orwellian telescreen.

While, working everyday with music, I DO beg to differ (there are indeed many new forms of creative music and if not everybody, some kids are really doing their homework), there are bands that raise our most pessimistic visions of the musical world of today.

One of these bands is Those Who Bring The Torture and their new album Piling Up. I honestly don’t know their old albums and they have a lot fans as it seems.

But judging by this album, they are seriously dead to the world of music. They make an irrelevant kind of grind/death metal with some forays into punk rock, but without any iota of imagination. They don’t play fast, they don’t play hard, they don’t have a musical structure that deems them consistent. They just play like living dead who happens to have chosen extreme music to do but not just that extreme.

There was always bad music done in all kinds of rock throughout the times. But, as the ancients say, the writings are on the wall: Piling Up compiles our worst nightmares in what the music will become in the near future: a sterile garden from which no ripen fruits can be harvested, because you reap what you sow: Those Who Bring The Torture are sowing nothing.

Piling Up  is out now on Selfmadegod Records.

(Daniel Death)

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