Vardan – Enjoy of Deep Sadness – Moribund

Great Italian DSBM.

Sometimes we miss the party. Question: where was I when Vardan came about? This one-man band have been releasing albums since 2007, in total of 8 (three just this year) a split with the cult act Striborg and a demo.

But Vardan is now gaining worldwide attention because they’ve inked a deal with Moribund and now I don’t feel an outsider anymore…

Enjoy of Deep Sadness  contains 3 long tracks of despondent black metal that are a “heed for sore ears” Actually they do more harm than good, but get yourself killed is the band ultimate aim anyway…

A Broken Existence has a sad cadence, never going out the 4/4 scheme with layers and more layers of guitars, and the basslines do appear, along with a mega repetitive but correct drumming. The voices are abyssal like lost bellows of the ancient and forgotten spirits. The heaviness is evident although Vardan doesn’t use any gimmicks, just plain and always loyal black metal sound, never going to be more sophisticated than what’s actually being played and never going to be rawer as well.

Enjoy of Deep Sadness lives up to its name: pure dysphoria and melancholic sounds which is the perfect soundtrack to your own hanging and I’m not being ironic here. I’d kill myself listening to this song for sure. The sound is somewhat a crossover between old Forgotten Tomb, Silencer and Abyssic Hate. Over again the bass is in the forefront giving a somewhat original take of a style that is so imitated worldwide. The bellows sunken in the backdrop of dark hate torment us like ghosts from our own conscience: remorse and despair at its best. All the more the middle session is something that cannot be missed out. Melodic, yet never going to the sold out side of the style which means good taste all the way.  What more a fan of this kind of music can expect? Bravo!

The pensive last track – An Abstract Voice – brings more of the same suicidal agenda, but I don’t know if it’s just an impression, but this time it gains more layers of instrumentation (maybe it’s the way the guitar was tuned after all), but this sound is majestic and if it works as a corollary of Vardan very music, so be it. Exquisite high-pitched guitars and over again the bellows sound even more like spooks from our very own brain urging to finish all this shitty life off, once and for all.

Enjoy of Deep Sadness of Vardan is a great surprise and I sure will try and find his other works. Depressive and Suicidal Black Metal party for all miserable souls out there: YAY!

Enjoy of Deep Sadness is out now on Moribund .

(Daniel Death)

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