Mutilated Veterans – Necro Crust Warhead (12″ Mlp) – Hells Headbangers

Metal Punk D-beat to the (hard)Core

Mutilated Veterans is a self-called d-beat band from Spain and this is their first release which is an EP.

Their sound is pure metal punk a là (of course) Discharge and this sole factor makes this band a must-hear and a must-have.

The punkish approach inviting us to the mosh pit is in the very first track March of the Mutilated: Unrelenting drumming, death metal growls, simplest soloing and all the brouhaha.

The second attack called Blood Militia is more thrash than punk, although the d-beat permeates the song in all its glory. Pure military street punk thrash metal marches for the headbanger pleasure.

A Tank Full Of Corpses gives the impression that we are inside the album Why or Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing.

Triumph Of Torture is even shorter, actually it is the shortest track of the mini-album, and it’s fucking ace with the heavy bass and over again nasty solos.

Closer Carnage Warfare brings more reasons to love this EP with more of the same fucking hardcore sound:  what a great sound. The buzzing guitars will rip you apart!!

This is a release that DOES NOT deserve to be relegated to the dust forgetfulness. Necro Crust Warhead is a great release and if you don’t like it you are false!!! Go and get your fucking copy bastard!

Necro Crust Warhead (12″ Mlp) is out now on Hells Headbangers.

(Daniel Death)

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