Sunless Sky – Firebreather – Pure Steel Records

Where were the good ideas gone?

Sunless Sky is an American entity and this is their debut album. The musicians seem to have had experience in the unknown death metal bands and now they called a guy called Juan Ricardo to be their frontman. But is it really a good idea to release an album just for the sake of it?

It seems that Pure Steel gave them the opportunity to distribute their album, and it’s really strange why a European label would pick an adventurous Heavy Metal band from America, but that is anyone’s guess.

The error here starts with the terrible coverart, a bad-photoshopped baby spitting fire seems fit for the album title however it is really one of the worst art I’ve seen this year, honestly.

But the problems don’t stop here of course.

The sterile sound of Sunless Sky packed in 14 tracks and 60 minutes of uninspired music destroys the day of everyone.

Their sound is Power Metal and they seem happy to photocopy every cliché of the style, put up some screaming vocals for the sake of scream, and by the fifth song it starts to get on one’s nerves.

Particularly bad is the track Pandemonium that is the epitome of everything that SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN MADE in this kind of music.

The other tracks, of course follow suit, with uninspired riffs, uninspired solos, uninspired production, uninspired all.

I recommend this to my enemies to suffer in hell. Listen to it by your own account. You’ve been warned.

Firebreather is out now on Pure Steel Records.

(Daniel Death)

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